Friday, July 23, 2010

Stories from the Catacombs...UNLEASH THE CATS (Terra-Gatto Warriors)

Unleash the Cats (Bloomington Art Center 2009-10)
Terra Gatto Warriors (close-up)

Unleash the Cats...
(Installation for our show "The Mummy Paradox" 
at the Bloomington Art Center )


Construction details: The cat heads are sculpted in clay; their bodies are stuffed with recycled plastic bags; their armor is woven and sewn burlap strips.

For this piece consider: Chinese Terra Cotta Warriors, mixed with an Egyptian legend and an Italian twist (as Gatto is Cat in Italian). Cats have their own sense of mystery and power. The reverence that ancient Egyptians had for their cats is evidenced by their depiction in tomb paintings and discoveries of ancient cat mummies buried alongside the pharaohs. We read about a myth that the Egyptians once thwarted an attack of foreign invaders by unleashing thousands of cats, which terrified the advancing regiment into a hasty retreat.  It made us consider our own resources. Will we need to call upon the cats as well? It was not until we finished creating all the cats and had placed them in formation that we decided to confront our large army with a small, harmless mouse –which adds even more implications.

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